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Marmotech, S.A. We are a leading company in the Caribbean region with 29 years of experience in the market, dediacted to the extraction, cut, polish and distribution of marbles an dimensional stones.

We handle with a friendly enviromental consiousness our 8 own quarries of marbles, travertine, limestone and coral stones.

We use in our process cutting edge european technology wich allow u to guarantee precise cuts and design directly produce with CAD/CAM technology machines, allowing architects and designers achieve creative freedom in their designs; and giving them the technical support handed by our especialized architectural crew.

Our capacity to control the entire process from raw material to the final product, added to our experience and continued key people training lets us produce real works of art that have deserved the international recognition of our clients. Marmotech, S.A.

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Awareness enviromental

Marmotech has a commitment with society of making a rational use of natural resources and taking steps to the sustainability and protection of the environment. This is achieved through the execution of an adequate Management Plan, with a clear definition of the objectives and strategies to be implemented that will contribute to the mitigation of pollution as well as the compliance of the Environmental Legislation, raising awareness among its staff, customers, suppliers and collaborators to achieve its objectives.

Main Actions

Beach Clean Up: As part of its corporate social responsibility, Marmotech participates every year in beach cleanup days in different parts of the country, creating an unforgettable experience.

Water Recycling:  In our  factory we recycle up to 95% of the water used, helping our region to save water being pioneers in the region.

Reforestation: As part of its corporate social responsibility, Marmotech participates every year in reforestation days, creating an unforgettable experience thanks to the participation of our employees and guests.


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Calle central, Madre Vieja Norte San Cristobal, República Dominicana

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Roberto Pastoriza No. 164, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana

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Show Room Santiago

Avenida 27 de Febrero Nº144. (entrada de los Cerros de Gurabo), Santiago. Republica Dominicana.

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Show Room Punta Cana

Blue Mall Punta Cana, República Dominicana

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