Marmotech, S.A.


DescripciĆ³n General
Is a black marble with yellow veining, locally brushed and filled with a yellowish mold that bears a significant resemblance to the Italian Portoro and the Namibia Portoro. Local stones present shades of colors that include dark grey and black. It is a marble stone of wide commercial acceptance given its elegance, excellent shine and exclusive availability that meets the highest standards of exigencies of both architects as well as interior decorators. It can be utilized for both interior as well as exterior applications as it features top characteristics of hardness and resistance to foot traffic.

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Technical Data

Finish: Available in paving stones, slabs, planks, cut-to-size stones, blocks, craftwork; architectural applications and cobblestone with a natural and hone and acid aged finish.

We rely on a vast reserve availability that enables us to adequately meet the requirements of large projects.

Standard Dimensions:
Tablas de 2 y 3 cm de espesor, de aproximadamente 2.80 x 1.75 m.
Paving stones of aproximately 2.80 x 1.75m in length.
Blocks of up to 2.90 x 2.00 x 1.80m in size.
Stones with made-to-order cuts in various widths and lengths.