Marmotech, S.A.


General Description
The material has been traditionally recognized all throughout the world for its roman history which associates it to the Tivoli thermal fountains, as it’s also the case with the Dominican Travertine. Its tonalities are light, with accentuated movements and high suitability for interior and exterior applications of either formal or informal settings that can also be utilized in neutral environments.

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Technical Data

Finish: Available in paving stones, slabs, planks, cut-to-size stones, blocks, craftwork; architectural applications and with a natural and hone, stucco and acid aged finish. We rely on a vast reserve availability that enables us to adequately meet the requirements of large projects. Crosscuts and vein cuts are also available to suit all preferences.

Standard Dimensions:
Planks measuring 2 and 3 cm in width and an approximate dimension of 2.50 x 1.60 m.
Paving stones of 1.2 and 2 cm in width in all dimensions
Stones with made-to-order cuts in various widths and lengths.