Marmotech, S.A.

Ancient Stone Collection

This collection of Mosaics brings together the ancient art of stone with the materials of the New World. A large variety of designs permits architects and designers to achieve exquisite spaces all through out the project. Widely used with all types of floors and veneer, as borders or main floors, in interior and exterior aplications.

pmtap100100 crema marfil pmtcc5025 coralina y portoro gold pmtcd5025 coralina pmtcd5025 crema marfil y rojo alicante

pmtcd5025 marrn emperador pmtcm001 coralina y concha marina pmtcm002 coralina y concha marina pmtcm003 coralina y concha marina

pmtcm004 coralina y concha marina pmtcm005 coralina y caracoles pmtcm006 coralina y caracoles pmtcm007 coralina y caracoles

pmtcm008 coralina y caracoles pmtco5025 coralina pmtco5025 travertino pmtcosl5050 coralina

pmtcp2525 travertino y marrn emperador pmtcp5025 travertino y marrn emperador pmthp5050 portoro gold y travertino pmthp5050 travertino y marrn emperador

pmthp5050 travertino y rojo alicante pmthu2525 coralina pmtmc2010 coralina pmtp35025 coralina y vidrio

pmtpj5025 amarrillo sierra pmtpj5025 coralina y portoro pmtpj5025 coralina y rojo alicante pmtpj5025 crema marfil

pmtpjp5025 coralina y marrn emperador pmtpjp5025 crema marfil  y marrn emperador pmtrj10050 coralina pmtrjp10050 crema marfil

pmtrj10050 travertino y kosmos pmtrj15025 coralina y marrn emperador pmtrj15025 crema marfil pmtrj15025 travertino

pmtrjp10050 crema marfil pmtrjp15025 crema marfil pmtsh5050 coralina pmtsl5050 coralina

pmtsle5050 coralina y marrn emperador pmtt02525 coralina y rojo alicante pmtt02525 travertino pmtto2525 coralina y marrn emperador

pmttz5025 coralina pmttz5025 crema marfil y rojo alicante pmttz5025 travertino y marrn emperador pmttz5025

pmttzp5025 crema marfil