Marmotech, S.A.


General Description
Crystallized, stratified limestone with rose and golden shades which bears characteristics that are very similar to the Giallo Reale. Extensively used in both formal and informal settings this limestone is ideal for large/massive applications and for accent combinations in tile works. It is indeed a warm, natural and elegant material.

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Finish and Dimensions
Available in paving stones, planks, cut-to-size stones, blocks, craftwork and architectural applications with natural, hone, stucco and acid aged finish. We rely on vast reserve availability that enables us to adequately meet the requirements of large projects.

Standard Dimensions:
Planks measuring 2 y 3 cm in width and an approximate dimension of 2.50 x 1.60 m.
Paving stones of 1.2 y 2 cm in width in all dimensions.
Stones with made-to-order cuts in various widths and lengths.